Lectures, tours and workshops - Recent reviews






May 2024 A Journey through Islamic Art  IAMM Curators
March, 2024 Visit to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial Complex Various Guides
February, 2024 Guided Tour of Rumah Penguluh Aba Seman Various Guides
February, 2024 The Grand Gibbon Teckwyn Lim
January, 2024 Thaipusam Festival Tour Sean Liew
December, 2023 Understanding Multicultural Malaysia Dr. Asma Abdullah
November, 2023 Heritage Jewellery Gallery Harta Space
November, 2023 Kota Raja Mahid Fort Restoration Mariana Isa
October, 2023 Nine Emperor Gods Festival Tour Sean Liew
October, 2023 Malaysia @ 60, Old & New Politics Dr. Bridget Welsh
August, 2023 IAMM guided tour - Orientalist Paintings: MIrror or Mirage?  IAMM
May, 2023 Ilham Gallery Tour of "Statements" Exhibition Ilham Gallery
May, 2023 Nusantara, A Sea of Tales Heidi Shamsuddin
March, 2023 Splitting a Dato from a Datuk  Colette Hassan
April, 2023 Silat Melayu Mohd. Nazrin Wahab
April, 22023 Ilham Gallery Tour - "Dream of the Day" Ilham Gallery
January, 2023 Chinese New Year Event Various
December, 2022 Guided tour of the IAMM Conservation Dept. Mr. Zink
November, 2022 Doris Van Stratten Andrew Barber
October, 2022 Nine Emperor Gods Festival Tour Sean Liew
October, 2022 The World of Francis Light Rose Gan
August, 2022 Spendours of Malay Work Textiles  John Ang/ Azman Ahmad
June, 2022 Ilham Gallery Art Show Ilham Gallery
May, 2022 Tan Sri Rafidah's Speech at AGM  RSGC
  Malayan Tiger in Peril  Suzalinur Manja Bin Bindi
April 2022 A Introduction to Ramadhan Azizah Mohd Noor
  Guided Tour of RImba Ilmu Dr. Sugumaran
Mar 2022 The Malayan Emergency  Jegatheesan Velupillay
  Guided tour of IAMM Various Guides
Feb 2022 Walking Tour of Kampong Bharu Nadge Ariffin
  A Taste of CNY Dr. Janet Tee
Jan 2022 Orang Asli Dr. Colin Nicholas
Nov 2021 Malay Textiles John Ang

Feb 2020

Malay Kampung Houses

A.A Najib Ariffin

Jan 2020

Chinese New Year  Walk

Billy Woo

Dec 2019

Rimba Ilmu Botanic Garden, KL

DR. Sugumaran A/L Manickam

Nov 2019

A Visit to ISTAC

Prof Datuk Dr Osman Bin Bakar


A History of KL thru Its Street Names

M Isa & M Kaur

Oct 2019

Kuda Kepang

C. Hoffman, P. Fan

  Nine Emperor Gods Festival Tour Ampang

Sep 2019

Ilham Gallery: Fracture Fiction Exhibition

Menara Ilham

  Millionaires' Row Steven Lim
Aug 2019 Qajar Ceramics Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Jul 2019 Batik: Evolution of Identities (Photo Story) University of Malaya Art Gallery
Jun 2019 Malaysian Chinese Museum Wisma Hua Zong
May 2019 Splitting a Dato from a Datuk, Malaysian Names & Titles Colette Hassan
Apr 2019 MCG Annual General Meeting (AGM) Carcosa Seri Negara
  Badan Warisan Elizabeth Cardoza 
Mar 2019 Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Isabel de Laiglesia
  Trailblazers: A tale of two Islands  Rose Gan
Feb 2019 Guided Tour of Galleria Seri Perdana Judith Gregory Smith
Feb 2019 Stories of One Malaccan Family

Ket Ti Yeong

Jan 2019 Thaipusam Festival Tour Charlotte Sullivan
Jan 2019 Chinese New Year in Chinatown, a walking tour with Billy Woo Marianne Khor
Dec 2018 Visit to the Sime Darby Palm Oil Plantation Pulau Carey 
Nov 2018 Guided Tour of the National Textile Museum Rose Gan & Michelle Pease
Nov 2018 An Introduction to the Malaysia Parliamentary System Meritz Condominiums
Oct 2018 Deepavali Event Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields
Oct 2018 MEME Meritz Condominiums
Sept 2018 Open House Meritz Condominiums
Oct 2018 Nine Emperor Gods Ampang
Sep 2018 Kelantan Silver Meritz Condominiums
Aug 2018 Guided tour of the Islamic Arts Museum Islamic Arts Museum
Jun 2018 Holy Men, Holy Women Meritz Condominiums
May 2018 Asian Arts Museum Textile event. Asian Arts Museum
Apr 2018 Flying Foxes Meritz Condominiums
Mar 2018 Chitties of Melaka Meritz Condominiums
Mar 2018 AGM Photo Story  
Fab 2018 Bhutan Meritz Condominiums
Feb 2018 Chinese New Year Ciao restaurant
Jan 2018 Thaipusam Batu Caves
Dec 2017 Gifts of Sight Meritz Condominiums
Nov 2017 ILHAM Gallery Menara Ilham 8, Persiaran KLCC
Nov 2017 The Nine Emperor Gods Ampang temple
Nov 2017 Lee Su Kim Author Visit Write Up MCG Meritz Condominiums
Oct 2017 Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia
Oct 2017 The Sin Sze Si Ya Temple Meritz Condominiums
Sep 2017 Silat Melayu: An Immersive Journey Meritz Condominiums
Sep 2017 The Malayan Emergency Meritz Condominiums
Aug 2017 Visit to the Royal Malaysian Police Museum Royal Malaysian Police Museum
Jun 2017

A History of paper: From the origin to the Malay manuscripts

Meritz Condominiums

Jun 2017

Creating Pentago House

Meritz Condominiums

May 2017

Ramadan, An Introduction

Meritz Condominiums

May 2017

Malaysia, How Geology Forged a Nation

Meritz Condominiums

Apr 2017

Rimba Ilmu a Guided Tour

University of Malaya Botanical Gardens

Apr 2017

Annual General Meeting

Art Museum Bank Negara

March 2017

Gerak Geri at Ruang by Think City 

Cheryl Hoffman / Ruang by Think City

March 2017

Exploring Myanmar

Judyth Gregory-Smith / The Meritz

Feb 2017

Thaipusam Festival Tour

Cheryl Hoffman, Oriana Verona /

Batu Caves

Jan 2017 A Taste of Chinese New Year Traditions Michelle Pease, Marianne Kohr / Ciao Restaurant
Jan 2017 The Bugis  Zuraidah Ghaniat / The Meritz

Dec 2016

Afternoon Tea and Guided Tour of the Majestic Hotel

Judyth Gregory Smith & Oriana Verona

Nov 2016

Tanjore Art

Debjani Lahiri and Preeti Sharat 

Nov 2016

Lecture - Doris van der Stratten

Andrew Barber / The Meritz

Nov 2016
Rose Gan / The Meritz

Oct 2016

A Celebration of Deepavali

Michelle Pease/Temple of Fine Arts

Oct 2016
Michelle Pease & Rose Gan 
Oct 2016
Cheryl Hoffman & Michelle Pease / Ampang

Oct 2016

Lecture - Sharia Law and visit to the Federal Territory Mosque Kuala Lumpur

Saifudin Mohd Arif (Dewan Muslimat) / Michelle Pease

Sep 2016 Lecture  - The Alluring Cheongsam  Janet Tee / The meritz