Sep 2019 - Ilham Gallery: Fracture Fiction Exhibition

On September 11th we had a wonderful visit to the Ilham Gallery exhibit “Fracture and Fiction”.
We were spoiled by a guided tour of this wonderful gallery by our own president, Diana Daymond.  We met at the beautiful gift shop; it’s worth a visit as they also serve a wonderful cup of coffee, we then proceeded to the gallery exhibit.

This particular exhibit features a selection of works from the Ilham collection, 93 pieces by 45 different artists from SE Asia and South Asia.
The exhibition “invites visitors to contemplate how artists address the fractures that exist in society and the age in which they live”. Diana gave us a wonderful background of the artists and explained the socio-political contexts behind many of the works.

This is no doubt the central piece of the show from a Cambodian artist, Sopheap Pich. It was ‘inspired by the seed pod of the endangered Beng tree, which suggests the fragility of the Cambodian ecosystem under the threat from logging. 

For those of you who wish to visit, I would recommend that you bring a sweater or warm scarf as the gallery rooms were quite cold in order to conserve the artwork.
Exhibit ends November 10th don’t miss it!

Angela Burke Scharer