Nov 2017 ILHAM

ILHAM Gallery

Guided tour of the “Gerak Rupa Ubur Penyataan 1957–1973” Exhibition

We were treated to a tour of the ILHAM (Inspiration) Gallery which is currently hosting an exhibition revisiting 50 years later Gerak, Rupa, Ubur, Penyataan (Movement, Form, Torch, Statement).  The first exhibition of this group was in 1967 at the then new AIA building, a reference to the change that was also happening in architecture at the time.  The seven young modern masters of this "Grup" had returned from abroad full of vision.  Dr Simon Soon and Rahel Joseph, both curators of this exhibition, explained how the making of this art did not happen in isolation thus there is a timeline of what was surrounding and influencing these seven young men as they returned.  These artists were modern and international but created art with Malaysian themes and representation.  They found a new visual language to express experiences and emotion.  They embraced newness rather than the self doubt often found in current art forms.  In addition to benefiting from the curators' education and interest, we also gained insight from Rosemary Chin, one of our own MCG members, who knew these artists, some more than others, and could relate stories and insights from their lives.


This exhibit runs until February 2018 with a curatorial tour highlighting key works from the exhibition on 2 December 2017 at 11 am.  Both the tour and the gift shop deserve your attendance.  ILHAM gift shop open 10.30-7.00 daily, 10.30-5.00 on Sundays and closed Mondays.



Barb Angell