Sep 2018 Tumis@Teak 5

The September Enak was held at this cozy restaurant Tumis@Teak 5 in Publika. While Publika is a mall overflowing with restaurants, this fabulous eatery was relatively easy to find (in the maze that is Publika) and most enakkers even found parking close by. We were 11 enakkers, with one person straight off the airplane and another who had just joined MCG the day before, at the open house!

A very energetic and interesting lady entrepreneur, Mrs.Yani runs Tumis@Teak 5 - ‘Where food is always cooked with love’. Her cooking style is a mix of her heritage - Singaporean with strong Malay and Indonesian influences. Most of her dishes look and sound familiar to Malaysians, but their flavors and textures definitely have her personal touch. 

She not only let us sample the odd looking dried fish and many of her chutneys; her warm personality had us eating out of her hand (literally!). She spoke at length with us, describing the nitty-gritties and nuancesof the food and some of the ingredients;answering our questions with a lot of patience and in detail.
As much as I’d like to list the delicious food we ate, I’m at a loss for the names of the dishes. There were curries - red, yellow and white; and several fish, squid, chicken and beef options – fried and steamed. 
The vegetarians were well served with a variety of salads; an interesting omelette; potato cutlets and a few unique vegetable dishes. Since it was a Malaysian style buffet, each enakker had the option to choose what appealed to them and paid accordingly. I believe there were some who loved the food so much they took away some parcels for dinner.


Address: Tumis@Teak 5,

D1.G3.8, Floor G3, Block D1,

Publika, Solaris Dutamas,

1, Jalan Dutamas,

Kuala Lumpur 50480


Sonali Kuwadekar