March 2018 Shoemaker Jackson Chen

Explorers visit shoemaker Jackson Chen - Monday the 12th of March

by Julia Stanbrook and Geraldine Stals.

We had a good number of 26 Explorers, including some guests, who were ready to learn about Jackson and the shoemaking trade. Unfortunately some ladies couldn't make it last minute or lost their way to Kajang.


In the introduction it was mentioned that Jackson learned the trade when he was a young boy leaving school. His mum advised him to learn a profession and sent him to a shoemaker where he learned how to design and produce shoes.

Over the years he developed his own business in woman shoes. And now his business includes both women's and mens' shoes.

This Monday morning we were warmly welcomed by Jackson and his family. His wife, sister and brother-in-law are also engaged in the shoe making process in the basement of their home.

Step by step Jackson explained the process of assembling a pair of shoes. Starting with cutting out the fabric or leather and choosing the sole and the heel to finish with.

Because there were so many Explorers interested we had smaller groups going into the basement for the 'tour' while the others had time to go through the folders of examples and a box full of different shoes: slippers, wedges, ballerinas, different sized heels and party shoes.


With a picture or an example he can work to make you the perfect pair of shoes!


To complete this exciting morning we had lunch at Kajang Fei Chui Restaurant, where they served us some very tasteful dishes and complemented our lunch with fresh cut fruits.


We had an interesting morning and some of us filled their shoe-rack with one or two genuine Jackson Chen's!


Geraldine Stals