May, 2023 - Yahala Restaurant - A Taste of Arab Cuisine

Enak! Lunch: Taste of Arab Cuisine Thursday 11 May 2023 @Yahala Restaurant


For many centuries, the Arabs have been travelling around the globe in the purpose of trading. With that they brought their influence on the language, religion, culture and cuisine. We had a great opportunity to taste the wonderful world of Arab food at the Yahala Restaurant when Maria J. Pinho and Francien Lucas decided to host our May 11th Enak there at No 1, Jalan Nipah. Kg Berembang, 55000, Kuala Lumpur.

We started off by sampling the Hummus, Falafel, Fattoush and Tabbouleh. We had so much fun experiencing the multi-layered flavours of what each dish brought. The Hummus was savory and tangy. The freshness of the Fattoush and Tabbouleh complement each other very well. They were tasty  appetisers and salads to share with friends.

The Falafel was delicious when dipped in the yogurt and eaten with the pickles. They were truly a perfect match.  After that we happily washed it down with a glass of refreshing mint tea

After the appetizers, we were served Chicken Mandy. The rice was fluffy and the accompanying sauce flavourful. The chicken was tender and came in quite big portions, enough for everyone to taste.

Just when we thought we had our fill, our able and cheerful waiter came with the mixed grill. The meat from the lamb and chicken kebab was so tender and well-seasoned. We just couldn’t get enough of them, crispy on the outside but moist on the inside.

Everything was delicious. I think we had the best dessert to end our delightful Middle Eastern lunch. The amount of honey in the Kunefeh was just right but I would have loved a little more of the Pistachio topping… Ha ha!

The restaurant itself is wonderfully decorated with middle eastern artifacts and décor. I must say the Yahala staff was hospitable. Our lone waiter always had a smile and was very polite throughout our lunch. He was most helpful and ensured the event ran smoothly.

We had a wonderful ENAK! Lunch thanks to our wonderful hosts for picking the perfect restaurant. We had so much fun sampling Arab cuisine which I am happy to say has grown in popularity here in Malaysia for the last 25 years!

Review by Angela Wijaya