Nov, 2018 - Visit to Top Glove

MCG Explorer’s visit to the Top Glove November 13th 2018

This tour was organised by Dori van Koesveld and Pamela de Lange


In the morning of the 13th we all met at the lobby of the 23-storey Top Glove Tower in Shah Alam.


We were met by a group of representatives of Top Glove and shown around the building which includes a fully equipped Global Doctors clinic which not only serves Top Glove employees but is also accessible to other patients.

The office building is only occupied by Top Glove on 4 floors. The other floors are leased to 3rd party companies. It also houses a large ballroom, an auditorium, an event hall, a gourmet Chinese restaurant, meeting rooms and a huge gym, free of charge to employees.


In one of the state of the art meeting rooms we were greeted by Dato Lim Han Boon, independent non-executive director and Eric Hoo Saw Ho, Executive Director Property and Business development.

Caro Amberg, as VP of MCG, gave a presentation about how MCG was founded and what the group has been doing and still is in terms of providing a wide range of informative events to its members by members related from food to books to tours, etc.

Dato Lim and Mr Eric showed us a video about the business ethics rules for honesty, integrity and transparency involving a group effort of a series of claps. All lots of fun.


The next video shown set out how Top Glove has evolved to be the world’s largest Manufacturer of gloves. The range includes: Cleanroom Gloves, Household Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Thermoplastic Gloves, either latex-or nitrile gloves.


The company’s success started in 1991 as a local business with one single production line. Now it  has captured 25% world market share and has customers in more than 195 countries. Their aim is to reach 30% market share by 2020 and there is huge potential of growth in the African continent


One of the main Corporate values is beating corruption. Every employee has to wear a button to show that they are complying.


Our next stop was the R&D center. We were shown the different materials they use to produce the large variety of gloves. The highly qualified staff is also working on improvement and finding new materials to comply to high quality products and at the same time make them more environment friendly.


Directly linked to the R&D center was one of the production lines which we were able to visit and see how gloves were checked before packaging and eventually packed fully automated as well as manually.

After this very interesting presentation and tour we went back by minibuses to the main tower for a delicious gourmet vegetarian lunch. The chefs did an outstanding job and we all left the table feeling very healthy.


The visit to Top Glove was organised with a lot of dedication and perfection. I think I speak on everybody’s behalf if I say it was very much appreciated to be so kindly welcomed by the Top Glove staff and introduced to one of the most successful Malaysian companies.


Pamela de Lange