May 2015 - Hao Chi Dian Dim Sum - Chinese


The group was treated to a wide variety of modern fusion dim sum items, also a favourite with the Japanese clients who visit the restaurant. The dim sum is ordered and brought to your table so that it is prepared fresh; no carts being wheeled around with food sitting for hours. Our teacups were constantly being filled from our wonderful smiling servers.  We found the food delicious and many of us plan to come back soon.

Eleven Enak members carpooled to Chi Hao Dian Dim Sum restaurant in Kuchai Lama. We were very surprised by the lovely restaurant which was moderately new, clean and staffed by a friendly and professional team. Our host, Endrew made his best effort while suggesting the set menu for the group.  He explained each dish to us and graciously answered our questions.  He told us that the restaurant is usually packed during the weekends when families come for dim sum and tea, a Chinese tradition.  


The cost per person was only 20RM.  A fantastic price for eating so much food and such variety. We definitely recommend it.  Plan a visit to this area for the restaurant and the many lovely clothing stores in the area; then stop to do some grocery shopping at NSK (a warehouse style store open 24 hrs). The group walked over and some of us bought some great fresh produce. 

Chi Hao Dain is located at Block KA 2 Kuchai Avenue Lot 1-10, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13, No. 39 Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park off Jalan Kuchai Lama.
Organized and Submitted by Nancy Ruiter and Alejandra Barbosa
Our meal consisted of:
Deep fried Wasabi Dragon Rolls
Main Entree
Steamed Olive Leaves Meat Balls
Shanghai Style Dumpling in Spicy Red Oil Sauce & Pepper Flower Teo Chew Style Fen Guo
Salted Egg Custard Bao
Tian Jin Guo Bu Li Bao
Prawn Beancurd Rice Roll
Homemade Italian Style Ginger Milk Panna Cotta
Free Flow of Chinese Tea