Jul 2014 - Aromas - South Indian
This month a small dedicated group of Enakers met at Aromas in Brickfields for a delicious lunch of South Indian treasures. Beginning with an appetizer of Aroma bites, chicken stuffed mushrooms coated with lentil flour then gently fried, we made our way through the extensive and varied menu. 

The Palak Paneer, homemade cheese cubes in a creamy spinach sauce was the best we ever tasted because of its distinct spices, rather than bland versions we had previously eaten. The Chicken Tikka Masala was very moist, and the Vegetable Biryani was made colourful with a variety of crisp fresh vegetables. The Vegetable Jalfriezi, is a spicy sweet and sour dish of peppers and onion in a ginger tomato sauce that made us glad we ordered a cooling bowl of cucumber raita! Even the dahl was pleasantly spiced. 

We ended our meal with a perfect cup of masala coffee, agreeing that we should share Aromas with other Indian food enthusiasts, vegetarians and omnivores alike!
Submitted by Rissa Larsen