Dec, 2023 - Enak! Extra - JASHN -E-AFGHAN, An Afghan culinary treat

Enak! Extra Dec 2nd 


JASHN -E-AFGHAN, An Afghan culinary treat
A unique ENAK! event was hosted by Sujata Lulla on 2nd Dec at the Greater Action Center at Bandar Baru , Ampang. Jashn-E -Afghan was a true celebration of Afghan food. The event was attended by 15 ENAKers. Greater Action is a 100% volunteer-driven non-profit social organization. Their core mission is to improve the lives and the welfare of vulnerable refugee families forced to flee their homeland by supporting them with quality education, sustainable livelihood opportunities and much needed general and mental health. Their main focus is empowering Afghan refugee women with life and vocational skills in order to thrive and become self-sufficient.

This was a novel experience which included a sumptuous meal bursting with flavour. It also struck a social chord.

It afforded us the unique opportunity to interact with Julie Das the founder of the organisation and the wonderful Refugee women who put their heart and soul into preparing the meal.

All with a little ‘retail therapy’ included in the mix. The center is also home to a beautiful boutique which retails bespoke pieces tailored by Afghan refugees they are made from premium upcycled fabrics.

Let me not leave out the food which was at the heart of the whole experience.

The first course was mantu served with a mint curd dipping sauce and a spicy dipping sauce. Mantu are Afghan steamed dumplings, with a delicate filling of spiced chicken. The vegetarian Mantu is filled with a beautiful mixture of fresh spring onions and delicately spiced. Followed by qabuli pulao served with korma -e -sabzi and vegetable koftas. Qabuli Pulao is an aromatic pulao made with a fragrant long grained Basmati rice, served with a chicken and spinach Korma and a vegetable kofta with a luscious tomato sauce flavoured with spices. Dessert was Sheer Khorma, a milk pudding with delicate strands of vermicelli, infused with saffron and garnished with assorted nuts. 

Review by Sujata Lulla, Photos by Rosemary Chin