Feb 2020 - Malaysian Artist cooks up a Storm - Our National Dish

ENAK! Malaysian Artist cooks up a storm - Our ‘National Dish!’ - February 13th, 2020
Hosted by Rosemary Chin, arranged by Rosemary & Marisa R Ng


Up and coming Malaysian artist Marisa R Ng not only has a talent in transforming paints into colorful abstract paintings but confidently cooks and presents authentic and delicious Malaysian fare. She shared with us her two loves in her studio. Twenty-four of us braved traveling to Shah Alam which is a little out of our normal Kuala Lumpur perimeters. We car-pooled and wazed our way to Studio 22 in Shah Alam. It was certainly worth the trip; indeed it was a pleasure and a privilege for us! 


We had our fill of the delicious authentic food and interesting strong abstract paintings at her studio space. Also special thanks to Auntie Pat for her fun local dessert Onde onde class. It was great to meet fellow artist, Nicholas Choong who was there to help Marisa.



The Lunch Menu:- Nasi lemak with full condiments, Chicken rendang, Beef rendang, Seafood kerabu, Ikan bilis sambal, Onion sambal, Kangkong, Tempe, Keropok, Lemonade, drinking water and local dessert, Onde onde.

Marisa and team boleh!!! 





About Marisa’s love of cooking


“ I cook with love and pride.
  I just love to cook for my family and friends.
  I learned how to cook and bake from when I was 12 years old from my grandmother."

“ My grandmother’s hobby is to blend her many special recipes of chili paste which she used for her curries and sambals…and she wanted me to learn them…so I did when I got older!” 

" And I like to experiment and perfect recipes! My inspiration comes from the people I feed…I love to see them enjoy the food I cook…makes my heart smile!"

About Marisa R Ng the Artist 


Marisa R Ng was trained in figurative painting at the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA), Kuala Lumpur. After a short course on figure drawing, she continued her training in the Fine Arts under renowned Malaysian abstract artists, Suzlee Ibrahim and Ismadi Sallehudin. Born into a conservative, follow-the-rules sort of Malaysian family, she always felt the odd one out. She could never truly conform to her family’s values and expectations, and thus charted her own path. Being different however always made her question herself. 


A breakthrough came in the form of a life-changing return to a small island off the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia called Pulau Kapas. Twenty over years after her first visit to the Island, she discovered the qualities that differentiated her from mainstream society, which actually helped her blend perfectly in the World of Art. It was then that she started to embrace that part of herself. It was then that she finally realized her true calling as an artist. “ I had always felt that Art is where my heart truly is…”

“ That trip to Pulau Kapas opened my eyes and gave me courage to pursue my dream. I found myself starting to paint and a world of wonders completely unfolded itself to me…” 

“ I found my Playground and in it Myself!” 

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Studio Address:

2 Jalan Kurong 10/4, Seksyen 10, Shah Alam 40 000, Selangor




Submitted by 
Rosemary Chin