Dec 2018 - Samira @ Asian Terrace
Special thanks to Claire Droesbeke Nadvornik and Aglaé Dehondt for hosting our last Enak of the year on Thursday Dec 13th at Samira by Asian Terrace. Aglaé and Claire had enthusiastically planned this Enak way ahead of time and worked very hard in securing the magic number needed by the restaurant. As proof of their great organization, things went smoothly even though both our hosts were unable to be with us that day due to unforeseen circumstances. Claire had to travel and Aglae fell sick. Even while resting in bed Aglaé reminded me to share the history and stories of the Old Railway Workshops of Sentul Park with the group. Dedication indeed.

Samira by Asian Terrace is an authentic Thai-Indochinese restaurant surrounded by lush, green nature in historical Sentul Park. Traditional Malaysian cuisine has been influenced by neighbouring countries hence their choice for cuisine from north of our borders. 


The restaurant was established in 2008 in a wooden bungalow (formerly a Japanese restaurant called Yuritei). The design of the building resembles a garden tea pavilion. It has great views of the nearby lake and the KL Performing Arts Centre. KLPac is probably the most active and vibrant arts hub in Malaysia with a wide range of events and activities going on all year round in its various studios and theatres. It is in an award- winning building (a fusion of a former railway workshop and a modern glass and steel extension).


In 1904, the Federated Malay States Railway began building a complex of railway maintenance works at Sentul known as the Central Railway Workshops, the largest then in Malaya. Today Sentul Park is a 35-acre private gated community park. Although access to much of the park is restricted to residents of adjacent condominium blocks, the public is welcome on the roads leading to KLPac, the restaurants and the Koi Centre.

I was so taken up by the ambiance and surroundings that I missed taking pictures of all the food served. 



SAMIRA by Asian Terrace. Lot 268 Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, off Jalan Ipoh, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-4042-3880/012-921-3880

Review by Rosemary Chin

Photos by Vivin Sjamsir and Rosemary Chin