Nov., 2018 - End of Year Pot Luck Lunch
You could be forgiven if you thought a flock of starlings had invaded at lunchtime today. But no, come to think of it, a flock of starlings could never make the amount of noise the Enakkers achieved. I wrote the foregoing a couple of years ago when we visited the Ganga Café. Today, we were the fortunate guests of Janine Williams at her beautiful home in Ampang and, as it was Pot Luck, we all took food that we (I use the word 'we' loosely) had made or originated in our home country. One table was devoted to the savory dishes and the other to the desserts. There was so much food that suddenly there was no room for the plates and utensils, which had to be relegated to the kitchen. Oh yes, then there was a table for drinks – no, not Champers, this was a demure affair (apart from the chattering) with fruit juice, tea, coffee, et al.
The following list is the order of arrival of the savory dishes, followed closely by the desserts.

First, came fried Meehoon Goreng Ayam Rice noodles with Chicken, Mushrooms and Vegetables. Next came Malaysian Curry Chicken in coconut milk and spices. There was also a special Indian Recipe Curry Chicken.  Next came a Bacon Quiche and, as a nod to those strange people who are vegetarians, a Mushroom Quiche with no bacon. There was the Indonesian Salad with Peanut sauce Gado Gado. There were Vegetarian Curry Puffs which were mildly spicy,Chicken and Shrimp Wontons; Bagel Crisps with Hommus; Quinoa Salad; Chinese Fried Rice with Egg; Carrot, Sweet Pea, Corn and Brown Rice. There were also Devilled Eggs; Kimchi Jeon, Korean Vegetarian pancakes; Arem Arem Indonesian Rice with Beef; Carrot, Coconut Milk and Peanut Sauce. There was Quiche Lorraine; Vegetarian Dhokla; Korean Japchae  - Vegetarian Korean Glass Noodles and Kimchi. There were Malaysian Savory Pastries and, possibly Malaysia’s most famous food, Nasi Lemak. Lastly, Delicious Bean Salad and Strawberry and Apple Salad.

On the dessert table was a Pavlova to die for. Yum, I am still dreaming of it. All my resolutions of dieting after my 75th Birthday Bash in Canberra went out of the window. I must be more disciplined (perhaps after Christmas). Then there was the biggest Dutch Apple Pie Appel Gebakwe had ever seen. Wow! It was heavy with apples and had a crunchy pastry topping. There was a three-side-by-side dish of Tapioca Slice, Malaysian kueh with filling of curried chicken and another Kueh Ketayap. There were fresh dates from Jericho, a variety of pastries, Canadian Butter Tarts and Viennese Apple Strudel. In case you are wondering, no I didn’t taste everything on every table, but I certainly don’t want dinner tonight.
Review by Judyth Gregory-Smith