Mar 2016 - Hanwoori Restaurant

Hanwoori ("one of us") Restaurant has been serving Korean and KL clients for more than 15 years. Located in Koreatown, across from Ampang Point, it is one of the many restaurants that cater to the 3,000 plus ethnic Koreans who live in the area. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 Koreans who live in peninsular Malaysia and Kota Kinabalu, mainly working as doctors (recruited by the Malaysian government in the 1960's), engineers etc in the oil and gas, electronics and manufacturing industries.

Kim Min Kyung was our lovely hostess and she explained about Korean food, the meaning of etiquette and even the symbolism of placing one's spoon face down on the table. Did you know that the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans all use different types of chopsticks?

Traditionally Korean lunch involves a main dish and several side dishes. Bulgogi or " fire meat" is usually more common in the evening. We were treated to Daisot Bibimbap (assorted vegetables over mixed rice in a stone bowl), Kimchii Jjige (spicy Kimchii soup with pork and vegetables), Deonjang Jjige (Korean miso soup with crab, vegetables and tofu), Chabchae (glass noodles) and Pa Jeon (green onion pancake). 

All these dishes came with small side dishes of quail eggs, sweet potato,green beans, bayum, Kimchii and rice. Mesil Cha (plum tea) and fresh watermelon finished off the meal. The tea is considered a digestive and is served only to good friends and customers. We certainly were made to feel welcome by our hostess and we appreciated the assistance in ordering as many of us were not overly familiar with Korean cuisine.

After lunch some of the group checked out a Korean supermarket to buy the delicious sweet potato vermicelli glass noodles that we had at lunch. It is a great area to explore as there are many Korean and Middle Eastern restaurants, fresh fish stores, a Korean spa and food markets. It is also home to Ghandara Furniture (ex-Tomlinson) that many expats frequent. And of course one is just across Jalan Ampang from the Ampang Point with its many gems!

Address: C6 Jalan Utama 1/1
Ampang Avenue
68000, Ampang


Hosted and submitted by Pam Currie