Jan 2016 - Ganga cafe

You could be forgiven if you thought a flock of starlings had invaded the Ganga Café at lunchtime on Thursday. But no, come to think of it, a flock of starlings could never make the amount of noise the ENAKers achieved. Twenty-three women were telling each other how Christmas had been and wishing all and sundry a Happy New Year.


A hush fell as each chose her drink. Should it be Detox Cooler (very appropriate after Christmas gluttony) or should it be Pranic Juice made using fresh mint, coriander, ginger, lime, pepper, black salt, honey and cumin, which cools the body and restores balance? Fresh lemonade got the thumbs-up, but what about Ganga Tea Crush? I chose my absolute favourite - Mango Lassi. Later in the lunch I learned the mango pulp they use comes from India, so the standard is always consistent (and consistently high). The drink statistics were: Mango Lassi the standout winner with 13 diners choosing it, followed by four for the Ganga Tea Crush and one each for pranic juice, detox cooler, masala tea, fresh lemonade, lime juice and bottled water. Sipping and slurping we asked each other what this was and what that was. Suparna mentioned that tofu was an interesting dish in the context of an Indian restaurant, she had not come across that before.


There were various cauliflower dishes, dhal (from Bombay) as well as many and varied vegetarian curries. The only deep division in the Group was over bitter gourd.

Half the ENAKers loved it and the other half hated it. Fortunately there were dishes galore, so hating bitter gourd was not a calamity.

Reputedly, one husband was jealous when he heard his wife was lunching at the Ganga Cafe. But his jealousy would be quelled when Suparna arrived home with a bunkus for him because the Ganga Café is noted for its takeaways; or she could take him to the Buffet Brunch held on Sundays from 10.00 until 4.00pm - that way she could go with him.

The only tiny hiccup (if you’ll pardon the pun) was the length of time it took for the chapatis and other bread to arrive. However, we were mortified when we heard the reason. Each chapati is cooked individually as you help yourself to the numerous dishes that keep appearing on the tables.

We learned much about Ayurvedic vegetarianism from Meeta Sheth, the owner (who can be contacted on 012 303 5310 or meeta@theganga.com.my). The restaurant serves vegan food that is MSG-free and prepared using fresh, pesticide-free vegetables some of which  (especially the mint which is a key ingredient for a number of the signature drinks) is home grown. 

Processed ingredients are avoided and top quality ghee is used. The chapatis are really worth waiting for. They were delicious and Meeta's passion for supporting peoplewith health issues through food/diet has led her to develop the mix of 6 grains in the ayurvedic chappatti. They includewheat, oats, maize, ragi which is rich in iron and calcium so it helps fight anaemia and osteoporosis, chana dhal and barley. The addition of barley gives it cooling properties. Perhaps the main benefit is that it is low Gl so suitable for diabetics.

We were full of admiration for the chefs in the kitchen. Thank you Sumon, your managerial skills are exemplary. One ENAKer was even heard to comment on how clean the kitchen was. The chefs were still working when we tottered out of the cafe ready to lie down to snooze and imagine what we whould like to eat next time we visit The Prem Ki Ganga Cafe at 19, Lorong Kurau, Off Jalan Tandok (which becomes Jalan Kurau), in Taman Bukit Pantai, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Thank you Susan for organising our day. You choose so well and were so skilled we would prefer you did not return to Australia, but kept us ENAKers going. Thanks also Suparna who as usual was snapping a record of a memorable lunch out.


Hosted by Susan Sawyer & written by Judyth Gregory-Smith