Dec 2015 - Roshono Bilas

With over 500,000 migrant workers expected to move to Malaysia to work here & another 500,000 Bangladeshi Malaysians living here, the Bangladeshi cuisine will surely see more restaurants opening up in Malaysia. 


However there seems to be few restaurants as of now serving the traditional food of this country. So for December Enak we will tried some authentic Bangladeshi cuisine. 10 Enak members & 2 guest made their way to Restaurant Roshona Bilas where we tried 2 types of bhorta whch were much appreciated for their pungent flavour from the mustard oil that is used to make them. 

We also tried pulao, kalo beef (black beef) which some people thought tasted similiar to rendang, pabda maach (butter fish), murgi (chicken), lau chingri (bottle gourd with shrimp), dal (lentils) & finished off with mishti doi (sweetened yoghurt & kalo jaam, the latter went very well together as they balanced the taste of the other. The kalo beef was a big hit & though we tried our best to get the chef to divulge why the dish was black, he refused to tell us his secret ingrdients. All in all, a gem of a restaurant in the heart of the city, a must for all looking to try some local flavors.

Address :

No. 46 Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, off Jalan Bukit Bintang

(diagonally opp Sao Nam where the Oct 

Enak had taken place)

Phone : 03-21416061


Top pick : Aloo bhorta & Kalo beef