Nov, 2021 - Majapahit Mont Kiara Restaurant

Review on The Majapahit luncheon 11.11.2021

When we describe the word history”, we imagine ancient buildings, events or personalities. However, there is one more aspect to this, and it is – food. This historical” lunch was completed by a well-put together leaflet which had amazing information about the Majapahit empire, written by Patricia Chia. The fact that the kingdom had successfully conquered so many territories in South East Asia definitely contributed to the astonishing diversity of tastes and spices.


MCGs Enak Lunch at The Majapahit is definitive proof that ancient traditions are kept alive through what we eat.

This restaurant is dedicated to Nusantara (Malay archipelago) cuisine, ensuring a fusion of tastes from several different countries of the region, specializing in Thai-Indonesian cooking. Our luncheon spread was specially selected by the chef and catered to both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian palate.

A variety of dishes offered on the menu contributed to the cross-cultural gastronomical experience: seafood tom yam, Padang style beef, Sundanese grilled chicken, Fish fillet with Thai sauce, Thai stir-fried kailan and mango sticky rice for dessert.

The vegetarian spread boasted of 7 items. The appetiser consisting of the slightly bitter Melinjo crisps made of gnetum gnemon nuts  with a shrimp/belacan sauce, was a nod to Indonesian cuisine. Next came the tomato soup, a smooth puree with vegetables. Although mentioned in the menu that this would be served with bread, it was served as a stand alone item. The main offering consisted of soy/wheat satay with an accompanying peanut sauce. The mock-meat coconut butter chicken in a stew of blended spices was another nod to the Indonesian influence.


Pad Ka Na (Thai stir fried kailan) was served on a bed of garlic and vegetarian oyster sauce. These dishes were rounded up by fluffy Thai pineapple fried rice (Kao Pad Sub Pa Rod). For dessert, Thai mango sticky rice was served.








The participants gathered for this wonderful occasion were from a variety of countries and nationalities: yet, the unity and welcoming attitude prove that a love for heritage cuisine can be a force that makes people connect and communicate.

The event organizers did a great job arranging this informative and enriching get-together.  A fun interlude was the trivia quiz about Majapahit, with a winner from each table. The members of the MCG used this tremendous opportunity to catch up after a long break. It was truly a lively and lovely gathering.

Review by Viktoria Onis and Jayanthi Sinnathamby


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