Aug, 2022 - Enak with a difference - Gurdwara Sahib, Petaling Jaya
Enak! with a Difference!

" Lam Lai Meng and Maria Joao Pinho co-hosted an Enak with a difference at the Gurdwara Sahib ( Sikh Temple) Petaling Jaya (GSPJ) on 11 August 2022!”

So, what was so different about it? Well, 20 curious Enakers and one guest turned up for this event to find out!


This story was related by the President of GSPJ, Mr Awtar Singh.

(The GSPJ made headlines in December 2021 when parts of Malaysia were hit by some of the worst floods in living memory. Several areas in the state of Selangor were badly affected, particularly Taman Sri Medan in Shah Alam, where the flood waters  reached chest height and more. The rapid rise of flood waters caught many residents by surprise, and some even had to wait on their rooftops for rescue!



Unfortunately for many of these flood victims, flood relief and evacuation by government agencies took up to three days to arrive, mainly due to inaccessible roads and insufficient boats. GSPJ had initially responded to a distress call  from another gurdwara in Petaling Jaya which was being submerged in flood water. This was when the GSPJ management decided to step in to provide urgent assistance to flood victims.


GSPJ started off by providing cooked vegetarian meals delivery and later expanded to include rations, medicine, household items, hygiene products, etc… as more and more areas were affected. Word spread like wildfire in social media that GSPJ was providing flood assistance.

GSPJ's call for donations and volunteers met with an amazing response from the public. Volunteers from all races, faiths and walks of life descended on GSPJ to offer their services with food preparation, packing and delivery.

Starting from 5,000 meals a day, GSPJ's volunteers were able to produce up to 50,000 meals a day, at its peak. Donations in cash and kind up to a value of RM1.85 million were received and accounted for. GSPJ's flood relief assistance was not confined to the Klang Valley alone but extended to several other states as well.


GSPJ's leadership in these flood relief efforts and the overwhelming, spontaneous response from people of all segments of society caught the attention of not only local media, but were also reported by international news networks like Al Jazeera and CNA). 

The  President also gave a short talk about the Sikh  ‘Way of Life’ and its emphasis on 'Sewa' or Service to all humanity. After the talk and questions from Enakers, we proceeded to the prayer hall for a demo of brief prayers and hymns. Enakers also had the opportunity to make donations towards the Gurdwara's 'sewa' activities.

Sikh Gurdwaras are known for serving free meals daily (called langgar) at their premises to anyone who needed a meal. The provisions are contributed by their members and all cooking done by volunteers. On this day, the delicious vegetarian lunch for Enakers was sponsored by Madam Darshan Kaur and Madam Harbajan Kaur. Many thanks to the two ladies!

On behalf of MCG and Enak, Enak host thanked and expressed our appreciation to the President of GSPJ Mr Awtar Singh and team Capt Bir Singh and Madam Ranjit Kaur. Special thanks also went to Capt Pargash Singh who sponsored booklets on the subject of Sikh ceremonies.

This was truly an Enak! with a difference. Most Enakers have never stepped into a Gurdwara before, so it was a privilege to be treated to a meal, an enlightening talk and the ingrained practice of 'Sewa' to humanity by its followers.

Review by Lam Lai Meng