Upcoming Events
Please find below details of upcoming MCG events, please register via your PaperLess Post invitations which have already been sent or will be sent in due course.  If you would like to join us as a guest please contact us at mcgklevents@gmail.c

Wednesday, 7th December, 2022


Visit to the Conservation Department of the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia


Material heritage worldwide is affected by environmental conditions that vary considerably. None is free from the ravages of time and environment. In Southeast Asia, in particular, there is a need for suitable conservation facilities with qualified and skilled professionals to make a concerted effort to preserve Islamic heritage. As an educator and custodian of Islamic art and crafts for present and future generations, IAMM sees the conservation, restoration and preservation of artefacts as a necessary part of its mission.

The Conservation Department provides preservation and conservation services for the museum’s artefacts. Through research and training, the IAMM Conservation Department also works toward furthering knowledge in order to develop preservation techniques applied to Islamic Art within Southeast Asia.

On this tour we will be given a brief insight into what goes on behind the scenes to keep the exhibits in this beautiful museum in great condition.


This will be a members only event.





Wednesday the 18th January, 2023


A Celebration of Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year has no fixed date; it falls either in January or February each year. The celebrations stretch over 15 days, with special celebrations on the 7th, 9th and the 15th days.


What are the different celebrations over the 15 days? Why does Chinese New Year move every year? Join us for a celebratory morning and learn about some of the traditions that are practiced. Our speaker, Rose Gan who is married to a local Chinese man, will talk us through the traditions and preparations for Chinese New Year and give us an insight on how her family celebrate CNY.  We will also be given a taste of Yee Sang a festival dish served at this special time.


As a special treat we will have a Chinese lion dance performance. Don't forget your cameras and dress festively. This will be a fascinating event and a perfect way to celebrate Chinese New Year.


This willl be a members only event.



Saturday 4th February, 2023


The annual festival of Thaipusam is one of the major Hindu celebrations of the year in Malaysia, during which homage is paid to Lord Murugan as fulfillment of spiritual vows. Thaipusam is known for its loud, all night revelry, self-mutilation rites and decorative kavadis. Based on the success of previous years’ MCG Thaipusam programs, Sean Liew has offered to lead this event to introduce you to the sensory overload that characterizes this festival.



Sean will lead us on a walk around the grounds of the festival at Batu Caves. We will also go up into the cave. This is a good day to visit the site, as many people will be undertaking their pilgrimage from the riverside, up the stairs to deliver their kavadi to the altar of Lord Murugan.



Cameras, comfortable shoes and appropriate precautions for the sun are encouraged. We are going to start early to avoid the heat and we will be walking the stairs at the end of the tour for those who wish to learn about what happens in the caves during the festival.

This is a members only event