May 2018 Earth Heir

May 14 Explorers' Trip: Visit to Earth Heir, near Ampang Point


Hidden away on the second floor in a nondescript retail block near Ampang Point, facing the overly crowded parking lot, is a treasure trove called Earth Heir. Sasibai Kimis, the founder, established Earth Heir as a social enterprise working with artisans amongst refugees, the differently-able, women in prisons, and village women including from indigenous “Orang Asli” communities creating beautifully designed contemporary Malaysian pieces.


We visited their showroom/office/design studio with 18 ladies that morning. The showroom is small but full of light with displays of exquisite practical handicraft items in bright rainbow hues such as rattan baskets, bags, scarves, dresses and also jewellery pieces sourced from remote corners of Malaysia, and as far as Ghana and India when Earth Heir initially worked with artisans in ASEAN countries.


They don't advertise themselves but handicraft has never looked this inviting. And Earth Heir works a lot with corporate clients from all over the world in terms of give-aways for conferences and relationship presents.


The visit started off with a presentation of about 30 minutes from the  passionate founder, Sasibai Kimis, Afterwards there were loads of questions as the journey Sasibai and her team are taking is so interesting and different. They really want to make a difference to the ‘new Malaysia’. Then there was tea and some time to browse some of their goods on display. 

If you can’t find the shop (and it is difficult to spot) there is always the possibility to purchase their beautiful handcrafted products online



Pamela de Lange-Stork