Jan 2018 Home Grown Farms
Home Grown Farms

The first trip of the year 2018 of the MCG Explorers was to an Organic Farm in Broga valley about one hour drive south from Kuala Lumpur. On a beautiful morning we met the passionate farmers Ivy and Michael Simon at their Homegrown Farms in Semenyih. After an introduction of how they started and run the farm we got a tour to see the plants on raised beds with self-made soil and a chicken house as well as Michael’s new project the Aquaponic gardening.


A scrumptious lunch of fresh vegetables and chicken direct from the smoker was served under the canopy with a gentle breeze. Products of the farm were purchased in the end and some ladies brought  home herbs and plants to grow themselves – the tiny steps of Michael on spreading the lifestyle and making KL greener.

Only couple of years ago Ivy and Michael left the city looking for a healthier lifestyle and environment for their family. Growing and knowing the origin of their food is now an adventure in process. Michael is a self-taught farmer aside from his day job in media business.

Setting up an organic farm has gone through trial and error as well as by connecting with adequate knowledge available. With the Aquaponics system there will soon be Tilapia fish available from their own backyard. Extension of the farm with planthouses and a future center to promote organic lifestyle will also grow with a natural pace, not with fast financial goals.


Demand for organic food is bigger than a small honest organic farm can consistently promise to deliver. We got an insightful view on organic farming and its challenges in tropical weather without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Even when sequencing and taking turns on what to grow to keep soil fertile it is possible that a bug eats a number of plants overnight. On the other hand by following the circle of nature and using natural pesticides like neem oil, one harvests tasty vegetable that give us the nutrition needed in this climate.


Thank you Ivy and Michael for your hospitality and all the best on your journey on the organic lifestyle!


The seasonal products of the Homegrown Farms Seminyih are available as a weekly ‘Vegetable Basket’. One of four pick up places in KL is at ‘The Hive - bulk food’ in Bangsar – that was the next trip for Explorers.


It was fun and meaningful for all sides to organize this visit.



Birgit Groh and Minna Heinonen

Photos by Birgit and Minna