Oct, 2018 -The Amazing Racist by Chhimi Tenduf-La

Book Group 2 – October 2018


This is the first novel by the author and his second novel was released in 2015. Eddie Trusted, an English schoolteacher in Colombo, wants to spend his life with Menaka Rupasinghe, a vibrant Sri Lankan beauty. Menaka’s orthodox father wants Menaka to marry someone of the same race, religion and caste. Many obstacles are put in Eddie’s way by Thilak Rupasinghe, Menaka’s father and Eddie is tested in many ways before the wedding. Eddie finds home among strangers and finds his father-in-law’s bark is worse than his bite. The bonds between Eddie and Thilak grow to be stronger than family ties.


Really a rather funny and moving novel on Sri Lanka from the perspective of the outsider inside. I was given this book to read in 2017, when on holiday in Sri Lanka by my friend’s daughter, who knows the author. Members of Book Group 2 enjoyed the novel and enjoyed reading about typical aspects of what an outsider to Sri Lanka might face marrying into a Sri Lankan family.


Carolyn Nicolau