Afternoon tea and tour at the newly renovated Majestic hotel

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur includes the original Hotel Majestic which is documented as a national heritage site under the Malaysian Antiquities Act. This colonial heritage building was built in 1932 and started operating in 1935 and became one of the great hotels of Kuala Lumpur in its time. Sadly it stopped operating in 1984 due to falling occupancy rates.


Its location on higher ground surrounded by thick forest behind it, provided fresh air and made it a comfortable and romantic place. It had a dancing floor and bar with food served on expensive China-made plates and silver cutlery, making it a favourite place for the British residents of Kuala Lumpur of that time. It was also the meeting place for writers, artists and artistes.


The hotel was an icon of Malaya's boom years leading up to World War II and came to be the place for glamorous social events, government receptions and the residence for prominent international visitors. 



Cost:  Members & Guests RM60, please note that this price includes coffee or tea only, any other beverage will be charged under separate cover.


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