Jun, 2017 - IRPEC
Explorers Out and About trip to IRPEC (International Rubber Productions Exhibition Centre)
On the 19th June 2017, the Explorers Out & About were very fortunate that Datuk Vinod and his team: Din, Yameen, Rassimi and Taf,  took time to show us the museum that displays so many of their products from automobile tyres through to orchid flowers that are made from recycled rubber. It was an absolute eye opener to all of us; their work is just amazing and its need for the future of the world is so clear.
The Petra Group technology conglomerate is a world leader in Elastomer Recycling (Green Rubber) and is involved in many areas from HIV and cancer treatment programs to biophotonics.  More than that though, His Excellency Datuk Doctor Vinod Sekhar, Chairman of the Petra Group, and his wife, Doctor Winy Sekhar, have donated 60% of their ownership of the Petra Group to the various charitable foundations they have established.
The Petra Foundation cares for 12,000 children alone and his work in climate change, education, social inclusiveness and justice have made him a global figure to be admired.  Despite the problems this has sometimes caused for him, his family and his business, if he believes something is fair, just and true, he will not back down in his support of it.  

Following the museum tour, Datuk Vinod was kind enough to buy all of us the most delicious Chinese lunch at Ming restaurant, BSC.  

We'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Maryann for helping to organise this trip just before her move to Canada, and also wish Maryann and a her family all the best for their future.


Write up by Maryann, Vivin and Kyoko

Photos by Explorers Out & About members