Nov 2016 - Pot luck lunch

Matty Collette very kindly opened her lovely house to the Explorers group for our November pot luck lunch, and ten of us arrived bearing various delicious dishes. I'm always amazed at the variety and wonder why we don't end up with ten pasta salads, or ten desserts!


It was a really lovely informal gathering and Matty made us very welcome. We all relaxed and chatted while enjoying the lunch dishes; it's always so nice to be with friends, and we are such a diverse group it's always very interesting to catch up with what people are doing and hearing travel plans.


Recipes were shared and appreciated, photos were taken and before we knew it, it was time to leave - always a sign that you've had a good time.


Many thanks once again to Matty, and also to Alexius for taking photos.


Written by Jeanie Kennedy