Jun 2015 - LimaBlas Restaurant - Chinese Malay
June ENAK! was held at LimaBlas restaurant on Thursday, June 11th. We had 16 attendees that enjoyed the eclectic casual ambiance (the restaurant is filled with eclectic artifacts – old telephones, bikes, vintage tv’s, etc.) and the authentic Chinese Malay dining that features Straits cuisine. LimaBlas, located very close to Pavillion offers a variety of traditional lunch dishes and the overall reviews for LimaBlas were very positive including many that would like to visit again. Despite some quick, last minute adjustments that needed to be made from our original luncheon plan, the overall review of the food and atmosphere was “thumbs up”! 

A beautiful vintage restaurant...through the shutters

Telephones galore


Chinese containers


LimaBlas is a recommended KL eatery for authentic and reasonably priced Nyona food. It should also be noted however, that it is best to go with a small group (2-6 people). The advanced planning and arrangements made for our Enak group with the ownerwere never communicated to his staff so we did have to make some quick adjustments on the day.


Hosted and submitted by Nancy Follett & Alice Been

Photos by Suparna Kundu

We are fans of laksa!

Some of our group’s favorites dishes were: Nyona Fried Mee Hoon, Nyona Laksa, Nyona Fried Rice and Curry Chicken. Perhaps an indication of the right size portions, only one of our guests sampled a dessert – Cendol. Cendol is a coconut ice frosty of shaved ice surrounding a creamy red bean core that is “puddled” in thick coconut milk.




Knicknacks around the restaurant