Sept - 2020 - Home Fire - Kamila Shamsie





Home Fire - Kamila Shamsie 

Book Group 2 - September, 2020


Home Fire, written by Kamila Shamsie, is a book that reflects entirely on what is currently happening in the world. A story about Islamophobia and terrorism, it touches many people because it is relatable and brutally true. This book gives readers an exclusive perspective of the events that tend to happen in the news. The plot parallels the story of Antigone, a tragic Greek story that has no happy ending.


It tells the story of twins Aneeka and Parvaiz who have been raised by their older sister Isma in Preston Road, Wembley, London.  Constantly under the shadow of the jihadist father Parvaisz never knew he is the family member who finds it particularly difficult to manage the clash between faith, family expectations and the reality of society in our modern world.  There is nothing simplistic in the story and the reader is forced to think about their own views, unspoken or unconscious prejudice and the speed by which they are likely to jump to conclusions and be manipulated by the media.  After Isma goes to America to study for a doctorate the family begins to unravel.  Parvaiz is lured to Syria and it falls to Aneeka to try to get him back to safety.  Thus she embarks on a romantic relationship with the son of the Home Secetary, Eamonn.  This leads to tragic consequences, that although expected (if you know the story of Antigone by Sophacies) are nevertheless shocking.


Nabila Ahmed