Jan 2017 - Club Aman


It’s not every ENAK excursion that includes an opportunity to dance ‘Bollywood style’; our visit to Club Aman on Saturday 21st January did just that. And, as one of the enthusiastic participants commented, ‘It was the icing on the gulab jamun’ to a lovely evening.

Established in 1967, Club Aman is one of the oldest and most prestigious Sikh clubs in Malaysia. In 1998 the clubhouse was extended and upgraded when the pitch was used for all the cricket games during the 16th Commonwealth Games held in Kuala Lumpur. Today the Club Aman grounds serve as the venue for many hockey, football, netball and cricket tournaments as well as coaching.


Hon. Secretary, Mr. Dawinder Singh Randhawa set the evening in context with an informative tour of the club, recounting the history as well as how it is managed today. With around 2000 members, Club Aman is a thriving centre for the Sikh community. 

And now to the delicious North Indian food.


On arrival we were served pakoda and bhaji pakoda (fried snacks in batter made up of mixed vegetables and onions). 

Highlights of the main course were the chicken methi (fenugreek), chana (chickpeas) marsala served with bhatura, a popular Punjabi thick leavened fried bread, mutton varuval (originating in South India) and palak paneer (spinach and curd cheese), accompanied by assorted naans including Kashmiri naan (stuffed with dried fruit and nuts).

Chicken Methi (fenugreek)

Chana (chickpeas) Marsala

Mutton Varuval

Kashmiri naan

Palak Paneer 



We ended the meal with warm gulab jamun and kulfi (a frozen dairy desert flavoured with cardamom).


By this time the Bollywood live singing was in full swing and there was a convivial buzz in the crowded restaurant. We left eventually, feeling privileged to have experienced such a great example of Punjabi food and hospitality – in this secret corner of Ampang.

Club Aman is open to the public for lunch
Club Aman : No 4 Lorong Damai 5, Off Jalan Damai, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Submitted by Margo and Rob Rosenberg

Photographs by Rosemary Chin