Jan 2018 - Simple Life
Simple Life

Our first Enak! for 2018 was at ‘Simple Life’ vegetarian eatery, as a healthy start to the new year on Thursday, Jan 11.  The venue was informal, but we managed to have a great time, due to the high spirits of our group. 


Eighteen MCG Enak! members met at the 2nd floor food court at KLCC, and ensconced ourselves in the extension seating area, which is tucked away from the central court and overlooks the fountain and park. We met up for an 11:30 am start, to beat the rush hour. 

‘Simple Life’ was started in 1992 as a shop selling organic products in Malaysia.  It later branched out to eating outlets. It features reasonably priced, healthy food with no MSG, transfats or preservatives; some of the popular dishes are pumpkin, sweet potato or spinach noodles, or dumplings in soup, as well as healthy variations of Nasi Lemak and Laksa. Although we ordered individually, our presentation included sharing of their specialty Lei Cha, an assortment of green and mint tea leaves, sesame seeds, mung beans and other herbs, served with side dishes.  All attending could have a taste of this interesting dish.  We were happy to introduce members to reasonably priced healthy food right in KLCC. 

The best thing about Enak, of course, is our congenial group—we had lots to catch up on after the holidays, with new and older acquaintances to meet and there’s no better way to do that than sharing a meal together. 




Submitted by Kyoko Rabbetts and Terry Piech